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Preventing Ice Dams on Low-Sloped Roofs

Ice dams are common and a problem many homeowners face during the winter season. They occur whenever there is a build-up of undrained water, but there is a solution, so you can prevent this from happening. Gutter protection is a must because this will help protect your roof and will ensure it remains in good condition. Ensuring your gutters are clean before the start of the winter season is also very important as this will help eliminate problems in the long run. If gutters are not properly maintained, they will leak and sag and can lead to more serious issues, including ice dams.

Ice dams are generally found around the drains and along the edges of your roof and form whenever the snow melts and freezes continuously. This process will create ridges or blocks of ice, and you will likely experience this whenever the temperature fluctuates. This will cause heat loss through your roof, especially if you have a poorly insulated ceiling or attic area. Poor insulation, roof ventilation and air sealing in the higher areas of your house will cause ice dams to form, and if this problem is not addressed, it can damage your roof and your property, so it is very important that you prevent ice dams from forming.

You need to inspect your gutters regularly because gutters that are clogged or ones that move water slowly will stop water from flowing. This is very problematic during the winter because standing water will freeze, so you need to make sure the water is moving. If you allow water to stand or move slowly, it will freeze, and ice dams will form as a result. This will create a lot of problems, and you will have your hands full as a homeowner because your property will be at risk. For starters, water expands and becomes heavier when it freezes and will force sections of your gutter away from your home, which can lead to cracks and additional damage. This would not only affect the value of your property but would look unattractive as well.

To prevent this from happening, you need to inspect your gutters for structural damage. Look for dents, signs of sagging or request an inspection from a professional roofing company because there are a lot of risks associated with ice dams. Damaged insulation, cracked shingles, stained ceilings, water leaks in your attic and damage to your interior walls are just a few examples of problems you may experience if you do not address this problem.

To get rid of ice dams, you need to remove snow from your roof, ensure you have a proper attic insulation and must examine your eavestroughs. Proper roof ventilation is also a must, as are regular roof inspections, and Cadillacs Roofing can help in this regard. We are experts in this field and can help with all of your roofing needs, so if you are in the TorontoMississauga or Etobicoke areas, give us a call today!

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