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toronto Cedar roof  services


We understand how stressful it can be to get a new roof. It's one of the most important and biggest investments you make as a homeowner in Toronto. We want to make sure you get what you pay for. No hidden fees or surprises. Working with Cadillacs Roofing ensures you get a high-quality roof that gives you peace of mind for decades.

Certified Roofers installing your new roof
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"Highly recommend this company! Trustworthy and top notch customer service from beginning to end. Brian and his team were very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. The roof was completed efficiently and looks amazing. Cleanup of the worksite was phenomenal - very pleased. I would definitely recommend this company for anyone looking to replace their roof."

Joseph rodd

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"Excellent customer service and great work! The Father-Son duo has great staff who are friendly, efficient and very tidy. Their cost was lower than other contracts (I met with 4-6 other contractors) and I am extremely happy with the service. Marcelo and Brian were extremely professional and responsive, addressing all my concerns immediately. Highly recommend!"

Lianne eng

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"I got my roof done by Cadillacs Roofing and was very happy with the service provided"

Andrew Dhe

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cedar roofing - shake vs shingle

Cadillac's Roofing offers an insightful comparison between cedar shingles and cedar shakes, shedding light on the origins and distinctions of these traditional roofing materials. Derived from western red cedar, eastern white cedar, and Alaskan yellow cedar, both shingles and shakes have played a foundational role in roofing history, predating the modern asphalt shingle. The key difference lies in their manufacturing: cedar shingles are sawn for uniformity and a smooth finish, while shakes are split, often sawn, and characterized by a thicker base, offering a more rustic appearance.

Cedar shingles boast several advantages, including longevity with proper maintenance, potentially outlasting other roofing materials and offering a unique aesthetic appeal. They are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and durable, capable of resisting high winds and hail damage without cracking. However, the initial cost, both in terms of materials and installation, is higher. Additionally, cedar shingles require more maintenance to prevent issues such as termite damage, rot, and mold, and they are more susceptible to fire than other roofing types.

cedar roofing company in toronto

Cadillacs Roofing is one of Toronto's top-rated roofing companies when it comes to cedar roof installs, replacements and repairs.

A roofing company established in 2010 with an owner that started roofing in 1998, Cadillacs Roofing are experienced Toronto roofers. With certifications with some of the top roofing manufacturers in the industry, Certainteed and GAF, you can trust your roof is in the right hands.

Crisp angle of a freshly installed cedar shake roof with a clear blue sky in the background, exemplifying expert roofing craftsmanship in Toronto.

In the heart of Toronto and the surrounding GTA, your roof is a critical component of your home, safeguarding it from environmental factors. Ceadr shingles  provide both durability and an increased curb appeal. However, it's crucial that they are installed correctly by professionals for lasting effectiveness. At Cadillac Roofing, our contractors are seasoned experts in cedar installation. We understand the importance of matching the shingles to the unique style of your home and offer a selection of materials from reputable brands, ensuring your peace of mind and your roof's longevity.

We, at Cadillac Roofing, recognize the risks associated with a compromised roof and its structural integrity. Whether it's a minor repair or a complete shingle roof replacement, our licensed team is equipped to handle your needs with high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. We are specialists in all aspects of roof repair, replacement, and installation. Trust us to transform and secure your home for years to come, allowing you to enjoy the confidence and comfort of a well-protected residence.

Close-up of uniform cedar shingles on a rooftop, highlighting the natural wood grain and precision installation.

Serving Toronto and Southern Ontario Since 2010

At Cadillacs Roofing, a father-son owned and operated business, we understand that a new roof is a rare but crucial investment for your home. We're committed to making this process straightforward and stress-free. With our expertise in many roofing systems, we ensure top-quality service tailored to Toronto's unique climate. Trust us to protect and enhance your home with a durable, well-crafted roof, providing peace of mind and lasting value.

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