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toronto roof Replacement services

How much does a roof cost?

We understand how stressful it can be to get a new roof. It's one of the most important and biggest investments you make as a homeowner in Toronto. We want to make sure you get what you pay for. No hidden fees or surprises. Working with Cadillacs Roofing ensures you get a high-quality roof that gives you peace of mind for decades.

Certified Roofers installing your new roof
Financing options
10-Year Workmanship Warranty

Listed in the table below, you will find pricing for the different types of roofing systems Cadillacs Roofing offers for their clients in Toronto and Southern Ontario

Material or Service
Start at $400
Shingle Replacement
Starts at $5/sq ft
Flat Roofs - 2 Ply
Starts at $15/sq ft
Metal Roofs
Starts at $16/sq ft
Cedar Roofs
Starts at $22/sq ft
Synthetic Cedar or Slate
Starts at $20/sq ft
Skylight Installation
Starts at $1400 per skylight
* Prices are guidelines only and can change based on the seasonality, availability of materials and complexity of your project.

whats included in the pricing above?

Learn the steps Cadillacs Roofing takes when it comes time to replace or install your new roof

  • arrival and prep work

    The Cadillacs Roofing crew arrives to the jobsite around 8am. The crew leader will knock on the door to let you know they've arrived. The crew will start to put tarps around the house and plywood to protect your belongings from roof debris.

  • Removal of old roof

    1. Crew  gets up on the roof and starts removing your old roofing material down to the plywood.
    2. Dispose of these materials into the disposal bin.
    3. Clean roof deck and gutters.
    4. Inspect roof deck for rotten or damaged plywood.

  • roof preparation

    1. Load Material onto roof
    2. Start installing ince and water shield at the first 3 feet of the eaves, on the valleys, around roof vents, chimnneys, skylights, and roof to wall transitions.
    3. Install synthetic underlayment where ice and water shield is not installed.

  • installation of shingles and accessories

    1. The crew will start installing your roofing system that you chose.
    2. The metal valleys, if any, will be installed along with your new roof vents and exhaust vents.
    3. Metal flashings and caulking will be installed. 
    4. The crew will start to clean the roof and gutters again, then they will clean around the house.
    5. The work is now complete

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