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Cost To Replace Your Roof In Toronto in 2023

Replacing a shingle roof is a big investment for any homeowner in Toronto. It can be difficult to estimate the cost of such a project because there are many factors that can influence the final price. Here, you’ll find out about the different factors taken into account by the contractor when they go to your home to inspect your roof for a roof replacement quote. 

1. Size of the roof

One of the first things all contractors take into account is the size of the roof. A bigger roof will require more material and labour which could increase the price quite a bit.

2. Roof slope

The slope of the roof can also drastically affect the cost of a shingle roof replacement. A steeper roof is more dangerous and uncomfortable to work on, therefore increasing the cost of labour. Typically, on a roof like this, you need to place more protection around the house because the existing roof material would have to be thrown from the roof to the ground. A staff member of our team would have to put it in a wheelbarrow and haul it to the disposal bin to throw it in by hand. You can imagine how time-consuming and labor-intensive this is compared to a more walkable roof, where you can typically throw the old roofing material straight from the roof into the disposal bin. 

3. Details

The amount of detail on your roof changes the price of the roof because roofs with more detail require more material and slow down the installation of the roof. When you have valleys, dormers, skylights, chimneys, and wall flashings, you have to be a lot more careful when working around these details because if they are not done properly, they are the areas where most roof leaks occur. These details require more ice and water shield to apply, and metals have to be bought or made on-site. Most 2-story roofs in Toronto have most, if not all, of these details on their roofs. The homes are not as simple as they were 50 years ago when they had mostly 2- or 4-sided roofs with few details on them.

4. Type of shingle

The type of shingle that you choose will also impact the cost of your roof replacement. There are many different types of shingles available on the market, each with their own unique features and price points. For example, basic 3-tab shingles are less expensive than architectural shingles, which offer more durability and a longer lifespan, but the 3-tab shingle is not as common now and is being produced less by manufacturers. There are shingles with new technology coming onto the market known as SBS shingles. After COVID, the cost of shingles has increased significantly. The most common type of shingle installed on residential roofs in Toronto is architectural shingles. Designer shingles exist too, but they are not as common and come at a significantly higher price point than architectural shingles.

5. Removal of old roof layers

If you have an old roof that needs to be removed before installing the new shingles, this will add to the cost of the project. Cadillacs Roofing does not offer the option to install a new roof over the existing shingles as we don’t know the condition of the sheathing under the existing roof. Removing the old roof can be a labor-intensive process that requires specialized tools and equipment. Many roofs in downtown Toronto are known to have multiple layers of shingles. We have seen up to 6 layers on a shingle roof. The amount of layers on the roof impacts the price because the cost of the disposal bin will be higher due to more waste and it requires more labour to remove the multiple layers of shingles. 

6. Roof Access

Roof access is another key factor in pricing. In downtown Toronto, most houses don’t have driveways or parking available for our disposal bins, materials, or trucks. So while roofs in downtown Toronto are significantly smaller,>800 square feet, they can sometimes cost the same as a 1500-2000 square foot roof due to the limited roof access and amount of layers on the roof.

7. Overhead Expenses 

Running a roofing business is not cheap, and all contractors have overhead costs. These are costs we must pay on a monthly or annual basis, such as WSIB, commercial liability insurance, fuel, vehicle maintenance, equipment maintenance, training costs, office supplies, and many more expenses. We always recommend making sure your contractor has WSIB or commercial liability insurance as you may become liable if anything happens on your property and the contractor is not insured.

So what is the cost to replace my roof?

Every contractor has a different way of pricing their jobs. The following prices in our examples below are Cadillacs Roofing prices as of May 2023 and are subject to change. Based on the factors mentioned above, the cost to replace a shingle roof in Toronto and the GTA typically starts at $5 per square foot for our good option and increases from there. What this means is that if your roof is 2000 square feet, you would be looking at $10,000 as a starting point to replace your roof with Cadillacs Roofing. Cadillacs Roofing partners with FinanceIt to make the payment of one of the most important parts of your home more affordable without compromising the quality of your roofing workmanship and materials.

It’s important to get a detailed estimate from a professional roofing contractor to get an accurate idea of the cost of your specific project.

In conclusion, replacing a shingle roof in Toronto is a significant investment, but it’s essential to ensure the safety and comfort of your family. By understanding the key factors that affect the cost of the project, you can make an informed decision and choose the right contractor for your needs.

Examples of roofs in different parts of the Greater Toronto Area and their pricing

What does a good, better, and best roof look like with Cadillacs Roofing?

Roof Components The Essentials Roof The Modern Roof The Cadillac Roof
Removal and disposal of all existing roof material All layers, vents, valleys, metals All layers, vents, valleys, metals All layers, vents, valleys, metals
Manufacturer Warranty Certainteed SureStart Warranty: 10 Yr Certainteed Surestart 3 Star Warranty – 20 Yr Certainteed Surestart 4 Star Warranty – 50 Yr
Workmanship Warranty 10 yr 12 yr  15 yr
Shingle Certainteed Landmark Certainteed Landmark PRO Certainteed Landmark Climate Flex
Starter Strips Certainteed Swiftstart Starter Certainteed Swiftstart Starter Certainteed Swiftstart Starter
Hip and Ridge Certainteed Shadow Ridge Certainteed Shadow Ridge Certainteed Shadow Ridge ClimateFlex
Ice and water shield at all penetrations Tri-built Ice and Water Shield Certainteed Winterguard Certainteed Winterguard Hi-Temp
Synthetic Underlayment Tri-built Synthetic Underlayment Certainteed RoofRunner Certainteed Diamond Deck
Valleys Steel Valleys Steel Valleys Steel Valleys
Drip Edge Drip Edge Drip Edge Drip Edge
Roof Vent WeatherPro 50/Ridge vent Steel Slantbacks/Ridgevent Maximum Vent/Ridge Vent
Bathroom/Kitchen/Dryer Vents Low profile exhaust vent with collar Goose neck exhaust vent Maximum CT-4
Plumbing Stack No-Caulk Oateys No-Caulk Oateys No-Caulk Oateys
Wall Flashing Replace Replace Replace
Step Flashing Replace Replace Replace

Roofing Toronto before and after roof replacement

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